Calling all Revolutionaries

Before we had a name, values, a meeting space, etc., we were just a bunch of dreamers hoping to follow Christ on his mission here in Oakland.  In many ways, nothing has changed.  Exactly one year ago today we posted this on our old blog.  Someone reminded me of it, so I thought I'd repost again.  Though we've grown and become a church of sorts since this was posted, every word of it is still true for us.  I'm still just as excited to see how God continues to shape and form this community.  


Do you ever sense that you were created to be a part of something bigger than yourself?

I’m convinced that no force can change our world like the Church: the family of people who follow Jesus.

Recently we began to invite people to join our launch team for the church plant.  This is a big step that requires faith and sacrifice.  Essentially we’re asking people to move from being spectators at church to living out church.  We’re calling people to become the hands and feet of Jesus in the most tangible way: through his community.  We’re looking for people who believe in the revolutionary and radical potential of the movement that Jesus started.

In the story of the early church in the book of Acts, we read about a community that lived radically different lives than culture at large.  They met together regularly for friendship and support and even SOLD THEIR POSSESSIONS to provide for those in need.  They faced opposition because of their commitment to Jesus’ movement.  They were made fun of, lost business and relationships, and were in physical danger, all because they believed in what they were doing.

We believe God is calling people to this same level of radical living.  That He is calling us to take a huge step of faith and move into the unknown, trusting that He will provide.

We want to live out church and not just go to church.  We want to love our neighborhoods sacrificially.  We yearn to give ourselves away so that others can have new life in the same way that Christ gave himself away for us.  We desire to be a movement of people that stands against injustice and stands with the poor, the broken, and the hurting.  We long to offer the greatest hope anyone has ever encountered to those who are without hope.  We hunger to see God move in us and through us, to break down walls, to free the enslaved, to heal suffering, to explode light into darkness, and to love like only the Author of love can.

Will you join us?

Our world needs people who are passionate about being the church, not just going to church.  If you’re interested in joining our launch team and helping create a new space for God’s love to meet people in the East Bay, let’s talk.