Yes. The God you never Knew.

Do you ever get the sense that folks think God is "anti" everything?  So many people know Christians by what they are against- 'Don't do this, keep away from that, no drinking or smoking, etc'.  Maybe some of us have bought into that idea of God is like this... that He's the God of "no".  After all- just look at the 10 Commandments.

For many of us that leaves us with a faith that's caught on a leash.  That we're always trying to make sure to avoid things instead of living into them.  

What if God was a God for us?  Who cared about us living rich, full, beautiful, and joyful lives?  What if God was a God of "Yes" instead of "No"?  

Over the next few weeks at Oak Life we'll be reflecting on the Book of Ecclesiastes together and learning to receive God's Yes for our world.  Come be a part of the conversation!  10AM Sundays at The New Parkway Theater.