Last Sunday was the culmination of years of praying, preparing, not sleeping, dreaming, gathering, and surrendering.  It was the day we marked as our "sprout" day- the launching of Oak Life Church.  

So many people have been a part of this unfolding story- a story that's just beginning.  It was so rad to see all the support from our community as we came together to celebrate our beginning.  At the end of the gathering we prayed together the prayers we have collected on leaves over the last few weeks.  These prayers are at the heart of our community and represent our hopes, dreams, and longings for what Oak Life might be.  

If the last season is any sign of what God's doing in and through Oak Life- then some incredible  things are in store for us:

Oak Life Prayers.

-That we would open our doors to all providing for those in need in the ways they need it
-That members would find their gifts to contribute to our community
-That we would grow
-That Jesus would be at the center and become real to people
-That we would grow deeper in community
-That we would walk in faith, hear God’s voice, support each other
-That we would grow, branch out, come closer to God and others, that we would never forget where we came from.
-Christ let Oak Life be a bastion of hope and positivity in Oakland.  Let us be a service to the community and bless this place
-Prayer for children's ministry, for the YEAH! group, for our small groups, that we would make time to help others out.
-That we would grow and attract cool, creative, and unique individuals.
-That lives are changed.. One person at a time, one life at a time, that we grow.
-Bring lost or sad people the hope of Jesus
-Comfort that allows for honesty and grace
-For inclusion
-For the freedom to challenge and ask questions
-For friendship
-Obedience to ChristPr”ThF
-For community and growth
-To keep Christ and community at the head, exemplify true meaning of Church for all to see!
-Help the poor, help the poor, help the poor
-That folks find Him
-For Oak life to be an awesome party
-That we would inspire people
-That we would give hope and reach those who would never go to church without Oak Life.
-That we would be a Gospel centered community
-That we would embody God’s love and resurrection
-That we would embody hospitality and a resurrected life, for ministry and healing that goes beyond our power, that is a testament to God’s power
-For community, for growth, for love
-For love, composition and hope for all
-To live life together intentionally
-I pray that lives will be transformed here.
-We pray for inclusiveness, diversity, and community- for LOVE
-That Oak Life will be a source and story of Christs redeeming love and the power of forgiveness
-That we would fill people’s hearts with love, support, companionship and meaningful worship
-That we would be an inclusive community- not getting in Christ’s way.
-Help this community share your love
-For a positive impact in this city
-For Jesus to be known by more people