Values- Creation Care

During our Sunday morning gatherings at The New Parkway we're currently having a conversation about our values.  This past Sunday we discussed our values of Creativity, Intellectual Engagement, and Creation Care.  These are all values that we hope to live out as we seek to love one another and our community.  

So we asked Sadie from our community to put together a list of Creation Care ideas that each of us might be able to implement in our day to day lives.  The goal is to start with one of these ideas and grow from there.  Make to to check out the podcasts to learn more.  

Sadies Creation Care Idea List:

1) Throw trash in trash receptacles not on the ground

2) Reuse containers/packaging/papers/etc.

3) Buy in bulk

4) Buy used

5) Don’t buy the new version of electronic products just because it is the newest

6) Only buy things when you need them

7) Don’t buy single use items if you can help it

8) Bring your own bags to the store

9) Use the green bin/compost

10) Don’t overwater your lawn

11) Turn your yard into edible, native, or drought-tolerant landscaping

12) Eat less meat

13) Buy food that isn't packaged if possible (eat more fresh foods)

14) Buy food/products that come from your area

15) Make your own food (eat out less, eat less prepared/packaged food)

16) Make your own coffee/latte/tea in the mornings

17) Grow some of your own food

18) Save the water while you are waiting for the shower/bath water to get hot enough

19) Turn off lights when you leave the room

20) Open your windows and use fans instead of running the AC

21) Put on/take off layers of clothing instead of adjusting the temperature

22) Shower less

23) Wash your laundry w/ cold water

24) Use eco-friendly soaps/detergents/body products (all that stuff goes down the drain and into our waters)

25) Use less antibacterial soaps/gels

26) Try natural cleaning products before taking out the big guns (bleach, Drano, etc.)

27) Don’t take antibiotics or hormones unless you need them (extras get peed out and negatively effect the environment)

28) Use less plastic
29) Blow your nose w/ a hankie instead of tissues

30) Walk or ride your bike (bike parking in front of The New Parkway)

31) Take public transit

32) Borrow books from the library

33) Give usable items to thrift stores instead of throwing them away
34) - recycle and compost as much as possible (stuff does not break down in dumps)... find out what is recyclable and compostable (more than you'd think)