Easter 2019

Every Easter is special, but this year was especially significant for few reasons. To start it was a third Sunday of the month, which meant we gave our entire offering away to an outside organization. This month we donated ($836!!!) to Youth Spirit Artworks in support of their work providing shelter for homeless youth. Click here to lean more about the Youth Tiny Home Village. Though Oak Life is a scrappy and still forming church, it’s been amazing to see the ways God moved both in and through our community- way to go fam. This was also our first Easter with an egg hunt for the kiddos! We’re praying that we’ll have the resources to have childcare/kids ministry every week soon! Finally, this year’s gathering was special because we broke glass at church, symbolizing the breaking down of the ceilings/walls/obstacles that hold us back.

Resurrection Sunday is an emphatic declaration that the challenges of our lives and world will not get the last word, that in the end Jesus defeats sin, death, and evil ,and offers this victory to all. We hope that as God continues to form Oak Life, we’ll continue to be people fueled by this reality. Below are some pictures from Easter 2019, special thanks to Anthony Bongco (@anthbongco) for taking them!