Roots and Branches

As we continue to shape and form as a community one of the images that keeps popping up for us as Oak Life Church is the imagery of roots and branches.  For our community there is a very important rhythm to who we are: an inward movement and an outward movement.  Our roots are the things that anchor us and that we go deep in.  Our branches are the ways we extend out into our community to provide perch and branch for those around us.  This last week we were able to catch examples of our roots and branches being formed.

First, we gathered for another time of worship, communion, encouragement, and prayer at Aileen’s place.  I can’t tell you how encouraging it is to experience worship together as a community and know that God is moving in our midst. Roots:

Then we sponsored a benefit show for The SOLD Project and their work in preventing human trafficking.  Over 60 people came out!  It was another incredible night of building friendships with our city, supporting local artists, and raising some funds for a great cause.  Branches:

As we get closer and closer to launching a weekly gathering at the New Parkway Theater, I can’t wait to see how our Roots and Branches continue to grow! In fact, this week we’ve got two more awesome examples of the Oak Life rhythm:  Our first annual spiritual retreat, and a community block party that we’re volunteering at.

We would love your help for the block party.  It’s Tuesday August 5th, and we’re hosting a “Community Stuff Exchange”.  It’s kind of like a book exchange, except with stuff.  Basically, people can bring in stuff to donate and take whatever they want.  The only catch is it can’t be crap.  If you’ve got stuff to donate (household items, kitchen supplies, paintings, etc.) come by on Tuesday night and be a part of the exchange. Or you can bring it to our Sunday evening gathering if you’d like.