Relationships—with God, our city, and each other—are at the center of who we are. While relationships happen every day in homes, offices, and around town, gathering together gives Oak Life the opportunity to focus, strengthening roots and spreading branches.


Our Sunday gathering is a little nontraditional and decidedly relaxed. We usually have a time of singing, creativity, conversation, and reflection on God and the Bible. Anyone is welcome (yes, we mean ANYONE)! Feel free to come as you are, and bring a few friends. Each Sunday may be a little different, but our hope is that we’ll meet you on your journey, wherever that happens to be. 

10AM at The New Parkway Theater
472 24th Street, Oakland CA 94612

Childcare: Oak Life is stoked that we now have the resources to have childcare!  As we continue to grow, we currently offer childcare every 3rd Sunday of the month for kids 9months - 4ish years of age during the sermon portion of our gathering.  Kids are welcome in service every other week. 

There’s plenty of bike parking, so consider riding over! If you’re driving, free parking on Sundays can be found along the street.  We love being a part of The New Parkway community and supporting what they do in Oakland (be sure to see all your movies there)!

Life Groups

During the week we have multiple life groups that meet to build deeper relationships and spur one another on towards Jesus.  Click here for a list of groups currently running. These groups run on a 10ish week schedule so feel free to check one out or move on as needed!  If you'd like to visit out one of the groups or are have a question, feel free to email the group leader.  Also- if you'd like to start a group/gathering, let us know!

Pop Ups

There are always random gatherings happening at any given point our community.  Sometimes its a worship/communion pop-up, other times it's a book discussion.  Be sure to check out the latest Oak Life email update to see what's happening at the moment!

Your Gatherings

Want to host a movie night discussion or just get some Oak Life Folks together to hang out?  We strive to be a community led church, so feel free to put something together!