We want to welcome you to Oak Life Church.

As a community, we’re an affirming church striving to be open to all.

A special welcome goes out to those who are married, single, divorced, gay, straight, filthy rich, or dirt poor.

You're welcome here if you don't know why you came, if you just woke up, or if you just got out of jail. You're welcome here if you're as religious as the Pope, or haven't thought about church since Nixon was in office.

Fussy toddlers, quiet veterans, and tattooed types are welcome here. If you sing like an angel, or couldn't carry a tune if it was strapped to you, you'll be in good company at Oak Life. 

There's a place for you here if you speak four languages, or if you think hella is the only adjective a person needs. If you call yourself average, heavy, strong, or weak, you are welcome.

We welcome people who pretty much have their lives together, people who can't seem to figure life out, and people who are growing up too fast. Oak Life welcomes the planners, the dreamers, the content, and the questioners.

We welcome community. We welcome you.